We deliver high-impact, action-focused workshops to help leaders and teams achieve their goals. And we tailored our workshops to meet your specific needs. 

We have delivered the following workshops to a wide range of clients in diverse industries such as healthcare organizations, fortune 1000 companies, utility industries, and non profit organizations. 

Discover Your Talents

In this interactive workshop you will: 

  • Discover your unique talent profile
  • Identify high and low talents
  • Learn how to leverage high talents and
  • compensate for low talent
  • Immediate actions you can take to accelerate your career and performance.

Lead Collaborative Team

Team members engage and learn how to:

  • Recognize  4 talents every team needs.
  • Appreciate talent differences.
  • Foster mutual respect
  • Set people and projects up for success. 
  • Improve trust and communication.

Build High-Trust Relationships

In this interactive workshop leaders learn:

  • The 5 behaviors essential for trust.
  • How to build trust early.
  • How to repair broken trust.
  • Results of 360 Trust Assessment.
  • Actions to take.

Our Workshops

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