Leaders — Do you know the talents of everyone on your team? 
The Talents Assessment helps you to:

  • Align individual talents with project needs 
  • Improve work hand offs and transitions 
  • Avoid wasted time and delays 
  • Increase respect for diverse talents 
  • Improve communications  

Within minutes, the Talent Assessment for Teams identifies the talents of everyone on your team. You’ll discover the value each person brings to others and work projects. Plus, you’ll learn how to set team members up for ongoing success.

Discover Team Talents assessment takes approximately 5 - 7 minutes to complete. And individuals will immediately receive their personalized, Talent Report. View individual report

360 Feedback
Team leaders have the option of asking individuals on to give each other 360 feedback.  The feedback is all positive and focuses on talent strengths. Leaders especially value learning what others appreciate about their leadership.

Team Report
You'll also receive a summary profile of the overall team. Plus you'll learn specific actions you can take to strengthen team performance. The Team Profile includes:

  • Summary of individual talents 

  • The team's highest talents 

  • The team's missing or low talents  

  • Actions to maximize team strengths 

  • How to compensate for missing and low talents 

Plus, you'll receive: 

  • 25 page, personalized, Talent Profile for each person on the team 
  • Unlimited 360 observer feedback
  • Comprehensive Team Report
  • Recommended action strategies

Talent Assessment for Teams is ideal for new and existing teams, departments and entire organizations who want to improve communications and engage 100% of employee talents.

Attention:  Internal Consultants... If you want to deliver Play to Your Strengths assessments in your organization, contact me to learn about our Play to Your Strengths® Certification program.

Faith shares 4 talents every team 
needs to succeed 

Talent Assessment For Teams

Faith Ralston

Katie Konrath, Ideas to GO

"The Talent Assessment for Teams is a beautifully learning tool for teams.  Its ease and the 4 talent types makes it immediately valuable – and useful over time.  I've used the Talent Assessment for Teams with several public health teams, small regional teams and statewide coalitions."

Nedra Chandler, Manager, Nutrition and Physical Activity Program, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, and Principal, Cadence, Inc.