Faith Ralston

I've helped leaders achieve incredible results!  Here are just a few success stories...

Electric Co-Op — 
Helped leaders develop a customer-focused culture among all employees. Results: Internal groups improved communications and cross functional teamwork. The organization increased customer satisfaction scores by 23%

Insurance Company —
Helped leaders consolidate 14 remote field service offices into one centralized function. Results: 31% reduction in administrative costs and improved service and consistency with customers.

Legal Department — 
Help leaders align lawyers’ talents to better meet business needs.
Results: Lawyers were able to serve more business units and improve their reputation.

Manufacturing — 
Helped CEO build a strong leadership team and put the right people in leadership roles. Results:  CEO was able to turn over operations to an internal team and focus on strategic direction and goals.

Healthcare — 
Helped doctors improve relationship with hospital staff and administration.
Results: Healthcare workers improved communications and their patients received better integrated care.

Medical Devise R&D  — 
Helped research scientists move away from their computers and become customer-focused consultants. Results: R&D function improved their reputation with internal clients and increased funding for their projects.

Health Plan —

Helped the medical director build a strong leadership team, remove silos and create an engaged workforce. Results: This department retained valuable employees and received the highest ratings on organization-wide employee satisfaction survey.

Electric Utility —
Help leaders merge two organizations into one and bring two boards together.
Results: Decreased cost of providing service to customers. Built effective new board and positive relationships between individuals on the board.

Health Plan — 
Helped leaders launch  new health care initiatives and gain support for preventative health care strategy. Results: Leaders gained commitment of employees and engaged them in implementing the strategy.