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Play to Your Strengths Games: Starter Pack:

Manual: Play to Your Strengths: Games for Leaders and Teams

Detailed instructions for leaders 20 interactive games with 80 different applications to improve teamwork and leadership effectiveness. Includes email support to help you get started and access to online tutorials. Plus 6 Talent and Attribute card decks to use with individuals and teams.

Includes one Facilitator's Manual, plus 4 Talent and Attribute decks

and 4 Trust and Leadership decks, plus call with Faith to help you get started.

Price: $239.00 (Regular price: $439.)
You save $200!

Trust and Leadership Deck

This deck includes 25 Trust building actions

and 25 leadership behaviors.

Price: $50. each

Talent and Attribute Deck 

This deck includes 25 distinctly different talents

and 25 personality attributes.

Price: $50. each