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Get great results by encouraging accountability and resolving conflicts

In the cool, logic-driven world of business, our emotions are better kept private . . . right?

"Not so," says Faith Ralston, author of Hidden Dynamics. Like it or not, human feelings are present in all of us and affect the success of every job, work group, and organization. Yet too often we are silent when we need to talk, closed when we need to cooperate and fearful when we need to trust.”

In my role as a leadership, I am privy to feelings and concerns not openly expressed. Managers and employees share their fears about pending changes, mistrust of peers, concerns about job security, and tensions with their bosses.

I see managers undermine each other's efforts, employees deny their opinions, and worthy projects bite the dust as egos derail their success.  I wrote this book to get to the heart of the challenges leaders face. 

This is not a sit-on-the-shelf book but rather one that is meant to be used.. Each chapter includes important ideas, principles and examples to help you address tough issues.

You’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to successfully address interpersonal dynamics hindering your success. And I promise when you put these ideas into actions, your change initiatives will move faster. Pluse you’ll acquire essential skills to be an effective leader.Type your paragraph here.

Play Your Best Hand

Employee talents are the wildcard in today’s competitive marketplace. If you want to retain employees and develop their potential you must leverage their talents!

Play Your Best Hand is the perfect guide to help leaders access employee talents and potential. Focusing on talents helps transform C players into A performers. You’ll learn how to help employees grow and realize their full potential. Using Faith’s practical exercises and assessments, you’ll learn how to employ a strength-based leadership approach and align employee talents with strategic business goalsYou’ll discover the 4 talent types every team needs to succeed. And you’ll be able to avoid work tensions cause by talent differences. Play Your Best Hand is an innovative leadership approach that helps leaders retain valuable employees and motivate high performance.

Play to Your Strengths Games for Leaders and Teams

"Faith Ralston does a fantastic job of helping leaders and employees use interactive games to improve performance and teamwork.

She has tremendous knowledge of people and what it takes to make the most of their talents and competencies."

Susan Zimmerman, Mindful Asset Planningh here.