​Certification Leader

Faith Ralston, Ph.D. CEO of
Play to Your Strengths® Consulting, Inc

Faith Ralston is  the creator of the Play to Your Strengths® Talent System and the online Talent Quiz Assessment for leaders and teams. She is the author of the book, Play Your Best Hand, and Play to Your Strengths Games for Leaders and Teams.

Contact Faith to learn more and become a Certified Play to Your Strengths® Consultant.

Play to Your Strengths Talent Certification includes: 

  • Online or site training, individual talent assessment and follow up coaching.
  • Slides and handouts for unlimited use with clients
  • Sample agendas for group sessions
  • Talent and Attribute card decks
  • Web portal for Online Talent Quiz 
  • Individual Talent Report and 360 feedback
  • Team Profile Report 
  • 10 Talent Assessments
  • Faith's book, Play Your Best Hand

Cost of Talent Certification
$1,950 for Play to Your Strengths Certification
Includes: $795.00 BONUS Starter Set!

Play to Your Strengths®
Talent Certification Program

Are you looking for new ways to help leaders and teams realize their full potential and results? If so, become a certified Play to Your Strengths Coach and help others to:

  • Maximize talents
  • Compensate for missing talents
  • Improve teamwork and communication

Learn leading-edge ideas
Learn from a leading expert in the field.
Gain new ideas to help you succeed as a consultant and coach

Acquire new skills and tools
Learn how to lead a half-day working session
Access to workbooks, agendas and learning tools 

Access online Talent Assessment 
Learn how to use the Talent Assessment and interpret results for your clients. Access to your own web portal where you can send individuals to take the Talent Assessment
Certification Process

You’ll start by discovering your talents. Once you register, you'll receive an email inviting you to take the online Talent Assessment. You can also invite others to give you positive 360 feedback on your talents.

Next, you’ll attend an on-line or on-site certification workshop. In this session you’ll learn how to lead individual and team exercises and gain new tools and coaching skills. With this information in hand, you'll be able to coach others and deliver talent-focused workshops.

Finally you will identify a group or individual and apply what you've learned. Throughout you'll receive ongoing feedback and coaching to ensure your success.

Whether you're working with individuals, large groups or intact teams, you’ll learn how to use Play to Your Strengths methodology to improve communication, build trust and maximize performance.

Talent Certification

Faith Ralston