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Learn how your  talents bring value to projects and others. Take the Play to Your Strengths® Talent Assessment. Within minutes, you'll learn your top talent and overall profile. You'll immediately receive a comprehensive report with 25+ pages describing everything you need to know about your talents.

The Talent Assessment helps you and your team...

  • Gain understanding of your talents
  • Communicate your value with others
  • Avoid career mistakes
  • Claim projects with your name on them
  • Identify low talent areas

The Talent Assessment takes approximately 5 – 7 minute to complete. And you can immediately view your 25 page personalize online report.

Plus you can ask for 360 Feedback on Your Strengths. invite an unlimited number of  colleagues, team members, direct reports, customers, your manager, and family members to identify your talents.

For $99.95 you'll receive:

25 plus-page, personalized Talent Assessment Report
Plus unlimited 350 Observer Assessment FREE for 30 days.

Contact Faith to order your Talent Assessment.

Invite individuals on your team to take the Talent Assessment and discover team's talent profile.

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